Citizen Feedback
Rick in Noblesville, Hamilton Co. Thank You!  What can I Do?
Thank you so much for your effort. I hope that your efforts pay off. Thank you for telling the truth and pointing out the fallacies of all the Eastern Time arguments.
Here is one nugget that I have to offer; I spent part of last year in Iraq. Our unit had breakfast with Governor Daniels at Joint Base Balad. Just out of happen-chance the Governor sat almost directly across from me. He spoke of many topics with us. One of his last sentences to me; "We should be on Central Time."
What can I do to contribute to the effort?

George in Henry Co. Time For a Change
As you might have figured from my email address I own XXXXXX Sand & Gravel and I feel we are in the wrong zone for several reasons.
1) Putting kids on the bus in the dark or having delays in the morning due to cold, fog, ice etc.
2) My wife works at the local High School and the Kids are like zombies for the first period.
3) Having employees who can't seem to get it together in the AM as they stayed up too late in the daylight the night before.>
4) Having to wait till almost noon to deal with suppliers on the west coast.

Richard in Morgan Co. Central Time Zone
I work for an international trade association for software developers, and we have members not only outside Indiana, but all over the world. Before the shift back to observing Daylight Savings time, it was a nightmare for us in trying to explain what our business hours were to members and others out-of-state and around the world. We were *very* happy when Indiana finally decided to go back to observing Daylight Savings time!
But now, I'm sick to death of hearing Hoosiers complain, cry, moan, and whine about how much they hate Daylight Savings time! But when you ask them why, you learn that it isn't "really" Daylight Savings time that they object to.... Is the blasted Eastern time zone that we've somehow ended up in. They object to going to work in the dark and/or sending their children to school in the dark.
And those are problems that would not exist if we hadn't been idiotically placed in a time zone that is completely ridiculous for our location. As someone on TV recently said -- in Indiana, we are 4 hours away from Chicago, not New York!

Brenda in St. Joseph Co. Reasons to be in Central Time
As a teacher, I appreciated the lack of DST when I moved here. Once DST begins, it seems to send a message to the students that "summer" has arrived, and any serious work is done. Now that we must have DST, children are allowed to remain outside and awake long after they should be in bed to be ready for the following school day. IF Indiana must observe DST, then let's put sunset within a reasonable hour so students are ready for their next day's work.

Erin in Boone Co. Central Time
I am completely in favor of Indiana being in the Central Time Zone. My 4 children must leave the house for school each morning between 6:30 and 6:50 a.m. Even now, at the beginning of the school year (effectively still summer), it is completely dark at that time of morning. One of my children drives to school in the dark. Others must wait for the bus. Not safe, and certainly not easy to get started on the day in what feels like the dark of night.
In the middle of summer, it is light until 10 p.m. Children don't want to go to bed. Dinner is eaten much later, and it is hot until much later in the evening. If it's light until 9 p.m., that's still a LOT of time with daylight. There's still plenty of time to cook out on the grill, take walks, play ball, and more.
Chicago has it figured out. On a recent trip there in July, I remarked how, when we awoke around 6:30, the sun was coming up, and when we were out to dinner, we could see the sun going down around 9. Just right!

Ray in Howard Co.  Central Time For
I hate the dark summer mornings. I hate the light summer nights at bedtime even worse. Light when I go to bed, dark when I wake up! Something is backwards here! Where is common sense? The farmers hate it too. They work till dark so they work up till its bedtime. Come on people, Eastern daylight is fine if you’re from New York or Pennsylvania. I'd like it too if I lived there, but we live way too far west to be on New York time. Chicago is just up the road, why aren't we on their time? I have family on the west coast and we are 3 hours apart. Should only be 2. Can't do business with California companies until almost noon. Lost business opportunity for Indiana! A few counties around Cincy can have their EST/EDT, but the majority of Indian needs to be on the correct time, that is CST/CDT. Why is Washington DC deciding this for us? That is just wrong!

Tim and Karen in Spencer Co. Time Zone Mess
My wife, son and I live in St. Meinrad, (Spencer Co). Our home county is located in the southern part of Indiana. We live in the Central Time Zones and just 1.5 miles (south) of Dubois County and Eastern Time Zone. My wife works in Dubois County (Jasper). Each morning my wife has to leave an hour earlier because of the time difference. I work in Vanderburgh County (Evansville) which is Central Time Zone. When we talk about what time it is, my wife gives me the Eastern Time Zone all of the time. Also, if we want to go to Jasper to eat or shop, we loose an hour before we even get there. When it comes time to retire for the evening, we go to bed on Eastern Time Zone. In the summer time, you are going to bed in the daylight. You will waste an hour of light because of this.
The funniest thing that I hear while commuting on I-64 every day on the CB, is the Truck Drivers making fun of Indiana different time zones. In less than 15 minutes, a truck driver can drive in two time zones. At I-64, Exit 63 (Ferdinand Exit) if you look to the north, it is Eastern Time Zone and if you look to the south, it is Central Time Zone. I cannot understand how you can have 5 counties in the south and a few in the northwest part of Indiana be on different time than the other part of Indiana.

David in Indianapolis Yes to Central Time
Because of my job, I travel the US and Canada and have for nearly a decade. When the subject of time zone comes up in conversation, usually due to them calling into our Indiana corporate office: 75% of the comments are not favorable toward Indiana being in the Eastern Time Zone. It doesn’t make sense to me, being more than 10 hours from the east coast. It sends a confusing message….that we are not located in the Midwest (below Chicago and next to Illinois). Personally I’m a fan & prefer Indiana to be on Central Time. Whatever you can do to get us there would be appreciated. Canadian & Eastern U.S. Regional Sales Manager

Helen in Elkhart Co. For Ind. Central Time
I am over 80. My main concern is for the children - they need to get back to a balanced day of daylight/nighttime, so their systems are not so consistently overtired. They are much more willing to go to bed if they see it is dark outside. How can so-called experts put out all the articles on sleep deprived youngsters in the U. S., yet will not help clock time equal nighttime.
Also, I deplore youngsters having to stay up until 10 p.m. to see the start of fireworks on the 4th of July.

Richard in Indianapolis In Full Support
We were not given a chance to vote on which time zone to join when all this went down a few short years ago. We are on the far fringes (geographically) of the Eastern Time Zone, yet it does not benefit us one bit to belong to New York Time.
And when we went to EDT, I was surprised to find the number of Indiana Counties that rejected it and stayed on Central Time. This is where we should be as well. Let us make ALL of Indiana Central Daylight Time and have one legitimate time zone for once.

Peggy in Whitley Co. EST is a Bad Idea
I agree there are a lot of reasons why EST is a bad idea with child safety being #1. In the summer hours it's still daylight at 10 PM, that hurts drive-in's and people camping. Ever tried to have a campfire in daylight?

Terri in Howard Co. Indiana to Central Time Zone
Our school districts quite often have to implement 2 hour delays (like today due to fog) If we were on Central Time the need for these would be greatly reduced. It is a tough situation for parents to be in, arranging child care when we need to get to work!

Nyle in Indianapolis Good Work!
I was delighted to learn this morning that someone is trying to get Indiana out of the gloomy, dark mornings that we have all year due to being in the wrong time zone.

Tom in LaPorte Co. Support CST
I live and work in Indiana – 30 minutes from each other – yet, my wife and 3 kids eat dinner each night without me, because I work in CST and live 1 county away in EST. The persons deciding our fate certainly do not consider this as a problem.

Beth in Dubois Co. Confusion on the Boarder
Hi! I am a waitress in Jasper, IN, in the southwest part of the state ( the part that always gets forgotten about) and we get a lot of summer business from visitors to Holiday World and Splashin Safari (they stay in the hotel right next door to us). Many of these visitors are from Tennessee, Illinois, and we've even had some from as far as Washington (state). They all say the same thing when they come to visit: "Whose stupid idea was it to have 2 different time zones in one state?" and, "You mean to tell me that even though the park is only 30 minutes away there is an hour time change? That's the dumbest thing we've ever heard!" and it goes on and on. No wonder people think Hoosiers are dumb. We can't make up our minds which time zone to be in! It is really insulting. The time change causes a problem for the guests in a bigger way. You see, there are no restaurants outside the park until you get to Jasper. The park closes at 9:30 CDT and it is a 30 minute drive back to the hotel and restaurant. Now it is 10 CDT (following me so far?) Jasper time is 11 EDT and guess what, the restaurant closes at 11. So now mom and dad cant get a beer and the kids have to eat fast food again (even though that's what they've been eating all day at the park) and they can't sit down and have a nice meal in a casual restaurant (where they are welcomed even in their swimsuits). If Jasper were still on CDT these customers would have plenty of time to sit and eat (and the restaurant's business would increase which means more money for everyone). It not only affects the customers, we also have several employees who live in central time zone (called "slow time" here) and they have to leave their house, in effect, 2 hours before their shift starts for what is only a 45 minute drive. Can't imagine the chaos that causes in their households in the morning.
Another point of interest is watching baseball on TV in the summer. Have you ever seen a game broadcast from the East Coast? Notice how at 9pm EDT it is dark there and still light here even though our clocks read the same time? How can that be! It's ridiculous.
One more thing I've noticed is the position of the sun. Remember how we were told in school that when the sun is directly overhead it is 12 noon? Can't tell time by that anymore--the sundial may say noon, but our clocks say 1pm. Good thing the gunfights took place in the old west and not current Indiana. Can you imagine a cowboy saying he'll fight you at "high one o'clock"? I think not. Indiana is just not meant to be in Eastern Time zone (known as "fast time" here), not geographically, not mentally, not commercially, NOT SAFELY. If there is anything i can do to get the movement started down here to change us back to Central (common sense) time, please let me know. I appreciate your efforts and for listening to me rant.
Thank you!!


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